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Nau Mai, Haere Mai!

Kuru Pounamu creates and promotes genuine Maori art.

We specialise in pounamu jewellery and also work with other sacred stone of Aoteraroa


Ōnewa (Greywacke), Pakohe (Argillite) and Tahanga (Basalt).

We are inspired by traditional Maori design and art forms and every piece we create is unique.

Kuru Pounamu is part of a collective of Maori artists and as such we also promote and supply a

variety of Maori art carved in wood, bone, stone and whalebone.


Our Mahi

A few examples of the taonga we create.  

Crossover toki
2-stone toki
Onewa touch stone
Big hole toki
Collection of taonga

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Dean and Ivana @ Kuru Pounamu


 +  64 21 13 600 12

New Zealand

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